Nokia confirms ‘first products based on windows this quarter’


4, 2011

Author Surur // in News

imagePreviously we heard talk about increasing confidence, but some milestone must have been crossed, as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has now confirmed that we will see the “first  products based on windows this quarter”.

Note that Elop is refering to the products in the plural, confirming also that we will see more than one handset.  At present 3 are being rumoured, including the Nokia Searay, Nokia Sabre and Nokia Ace. The devices are largely expected to be announced at Nokia World on the 26th October.

Stephen Elop continued to emphasize that it was a battle of ecosystems, saying “there is a clear opportunity for alternative ecosystem to Apple, Google” and anticipated “platform battle extending to tablets, tv sets”.

It seems that Nokia Windows 8 tablet is a near certainty then.


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