Nokia compares the Nokia Lumia 620 audio recording quality with unnamed “leading competitors”

Nokia uploaded this promotional video for the Nokia Lumia 620, comparing the quality of its audio recording with two unnamed leading competitor devices.

Nokia touts the device as having audio recording with High Dynamic Range, due to the  phone having the same pair of HAAC-type microphone as the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920.

HAAC microphones is  capable of capturing audio over a broader range of frequencies even at high volume levels (140 dB, compared to 120 dB for most smartphones), resulting in more natural sounding, and distortion free, recordings, especially useful at music concert for example.

Presumably the “leading competitor” devices are in the same price range as the Nokia Lumia 620, explaining their horrible quality, but that underlines beauty of the handset – a near no compromise smartphone at a very affordable price.