is no longer; long live

Microsoft_Logo_BerlinAfter the acquisition of Nokia’s devices business remained the first address for customers to get support for their phones and “Nokia” was still the brand written on the phones. Ever since then rumors were spreading that Microsoft may dump the Nokia brand from its smartphones and things seem to get serious now. While the latest devices still are reading Nokia on top of their screens, Microsoft in actual fact really seems to be moving away from it, since now tells you to visit The real address is As for now the old Nokia website does not forward to Microsoft’s page automatically, maybe to prevent confusion among the customers, but I am pretty sure in a couple of weeks will in fact be the website for the remainings of Nokia.

I personally would have preferred the Lumia brand instead of “mobile”, but if Microsoft really will be merging Windows Phone and Windows RT, their tablet OS, mobile may be the more appropriate name. What do our readers think? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: @Nawzil8