Nokia Chairman: Consumer reaction to Nokia Windows Phones “even better than expected”



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While the market has reacted enthusiastically to the recent announcement of Nokia’s Lumia sales, it has never been clear exactly what Nokia’s expectation have been, and if Stephen Elop’s pet project has met them.

Speaking to the YLE talk show A-plus on Wednesday evening Jorma Ollila, Chairman of the Nokia Board of Directors, said that analyst and consumer response to Nokia’s first Windows-based smartphone has been even better than expected.

This is good news for Stephen Elop, and bad news for his critics, who are hoping for the board to eject him due their perception of a failed strategy.

Ollila emphasized that they were aware that there will be more pain to come while Nokia executes the change-over.

Ollila said the structural change has been difficult and it will still reflect on Nokia’s results for a significant part of this year

He said he  knew it would take time for Nokia’s Windows-based phones to truly take off as a new platform, but still, at the moment it looked like Nokia made the right decision in joining forces with Microsoft.

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