Nokia 9.2 PureView is rumored to feature a 120Hz display

by Rahul
April 15, 2020

HMD is rumored to be working on a Nokia 9 PureView successor dubbed Nokia 9.2 PureView. The rumored flagship from HMD is expected to retain the overall design aesthetic but at the same time, will be a unique smartphone in a lot of ways, or at least that’s what the recent rumors are suggesting.

The upcoming Nokia 9.2 is going to be HMD’s first smartphone to feature a 120Hz display panel, according to the famous Nokia insider Nokia anew. If true, the 120Hz display will certainly make the Nokia 9.2 PureView smartphone on par with Samsung Galaxy S20 series and OnePlus 8 Pro when it comes to the screen refresh rate.

In 2020, the number of manufacturers adopting the 120Hz technology is likely to be more than the number of manufactures adopted the 90Hz display last year. And that’s a good thing because more companies adopting 120Hz would increase the likelihood of more people using the technology.

The 120Hz screen refresh is definitely not the only thing that will make the Nokia 9 successor unique. As was the case with Nokia 9, one of the most interesting things about the Nokia 9.2 will be its cameras. The upcoming Nokia flagship will have a 108MP main camera sensor and it’s also rumored to dump multi-camera design of the Nokia 9. Besides, the Nokia 9.2 won’t simultaneously capture photos from several cameras as opposed to the Nokia 9, which simultaneously took photos from all the five cameras.

Sources also claim that Nokia 9.2 will be HMD’s first Nokia smartphone to feature an under-display selfie camera. So, that’s a lot of interesting stuff, but we don’t when we’ll be able to see all of these in the Nokia 9.2 smartphone as no reliable sources have been able to confirm the release date of Nokia’s upcoming flagship.

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