No WM 6.5 for HTC Touch HD – were busy, its too old, and no-one will update in any case


8, 2009

Author Surur // in Device, News

 oldhdIt is no surprise to hear that the HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Pro and HTC Touch HD will not be getting updates to Windows Mobile 6.5, despite for example the hardware between the Touch HD and Touch Diamond 2 being virtually identical and the Touch Pro  being the development environment for Windows Mobile 6.5.

It is however useful to hear HTC explicitly give their reasons, rather than speculating. HTC Benelux director Mark Moons did just that.  reports him saying  that HTC felt it would take too much time for HTC to make Windows Mobile 6.5 suitable for these ‘old’ phones. Moreover, people with these older HTC smartphones less inclined to do an update in any case.

For phones lucky enough to get the update (that would be the HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC Touch Pro 2 and HTC Snap) the update should be available next month.  The Touch phones will also get the latest version of TouchFlo3D, now renamed HTC Sense.

If HTC right to spend their time developing new phones (like the excellent HD2 for example) rather than supporting older ones? let us know in the comments.


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