No Toshiba TG01 for USA




Bad news for the many people in USA dazzled by the Toshiba TG01.  Like the HTC Touch HD and even the Xperia X1, which at $800 may as well not have come to USA, the TG01 will not feature US 3G.  This sad fact is confirmed by its Global Certification Forum entry, which only confirms HSDPA on the European and Asian 2100 Mhz (UTRA FFD I) spectrum, vs the 850 Mhz AT&T band (UTRA FFD IV).


While this does not exclude a separate model being made for the US market, and while a CDMA model has been rumoured, in this case it seems again the pernicious influence of the iPhone on the availability of great smartphones to the American public on GSM.


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