No, Microsoft is not acquiring Sony for $130 billion

December 29, 2020
Sony Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Sony

Early today, a Spanish website published a leak claiming that Microsoft is acquiring Sony for about $130 billion. This is not true, and their report is completely baseless. The Spanish website also claimed that Microsoft is acquiring Sony for its first-party game library. First of all, Sony Corporation has the following divisions:

  • Game & Network Services
  • Music
    • Recorded Music – Streaming
    • Recorded Music – Others
    • Music Publishing
  • Pictures
    • Motion Pictures
    • Television Productions
    • Media Networks
  • Electronics Products & Solutions
    • Televisions
    • Audio and Video
    • Still and Video Cameras
    • Mobile Communications
  • Imaging & Sensing Solutions
  • Financial Services

Except for the Game and Network Services division, Microsoft has no interest in Sony’s other businesses. Even for gaming, Microsoft has the Xbox brand worldwide. Just for a few exclusive game titles, no one in the right mind will acquire such a wide range of businesses (many of them are bleeding money).

Simply said, Microsoft is NOT acquiring Sony.

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