“No concrete plans for HTML 5 support” for Windows Phone 7 browser

Not supported in Windows Phone 7 During a press event in Hamburg led by Frank Prengel, Technology Evangelist for Microsoft Windows Phone in Germany, told attendees Microsoft had no concrete plans to add HTML 5 support to Windows Phone 7.

Prengel was giving a demonstration of the Windows phone 7 hybrid IE7/8 browser, noting the smooth, hardware-accelerated text scaling and other features.

On flash support, he said this only awaiting a suitable final version from Adobe, hopefully available within 6 months of the introduction of Windows Phone 7.

HTML5 is an evolving web standard which substantially increases the capabilities of browsers to perform complex functions without plug-ins, including display video and use hardware capabilities of devices. It will be fully supported in the next version of desktop Internet Explorer, version 9.

See the demo video after the break.

Via winfuture.de.