Nintendo is reportedly replacing their ancient multiplayer system in the near future. 

Reported by Nintendo Everything, the Japanese video game company is looking to replace their multiplayer server system to an alternative that might be more acceptable for modern times.

Nintendo’s multiplayer servers rely on a system called NEX that was created nearly two decades ago by a company called Quazal. When the company was acquired by Ubisoft in 2010, the Big N bought NEX to power their multiplayer games.

Twitter user OatmealDome explained that the system is nearly 18 years old. It’s so outdated that Nintendo’s first-party 2016 multiplayer title Splatoon 2 has an unused feature to check if NEX is running on Windows 98.

Nintendo will replace NEX with a new service: NPLN. Capcom’s upcoming Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise is the first game to utilise the technology.