At Xbox’s E3 2019 conference, Ninja Theory announced Bleeding Edge. A technical alpha for the PC version of the game is coming on June 27th and sign-ups are live now.

The trailer for the game was leaked a couple of days ago. However, the leak did nothing to lessen the punch that the trailer packed at E3. The game looks deeply impressive – a 4V4 multiplayer brawler with various characters who look absolutely wild.

Bleeding Edge has been in development for a while and is apparently still deep in development, but the technical alpha should hopefully show off what the game has to offer.

You can watch the trailer for Bleeding Edge below.

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Bleeding Edge appears to be set in a futuristic dystopia (aren’t they always?) with weapons, characters, and fighting styles to match. The trailer shows off the available fighters, including a pink haired lady who can apparently turn into a motorbike, and several characters with cybernetic limbs.

Bleeding Edge will be available on Xbox and PC. It’ll be available on both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. There’s no release date yet, but we’ll let you know when it’s available!