Nielsen: 6.1% of US market own Windows Mobile or WP7 handsets


Nielsen have released their Q3 2011 quarterly smartphone installed base numbers, and it shows as usual Android growing (39 to 42.8%), Blackberry shrinking (20 to17.8%) and Apple stable (28 to 28.3%) compared to Q2 2011. The  numbers, which are for Q3 2011, show 6.1% of US cellphone subscribers own Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 handsets (likely the vast majority still Windows Mobile).  The installed base is down from 9% 3 months ago as more Windows Mobile owners leave for other platforms.

Given the low market share of Windows Phone 7 in USA it may be that the number needs to go down quite a bit more before it goes back up again, but hopefully the current crop of handsets, which appear to be selling pretty well in USA, will help address the issue.