Next Week’s Xbox LIVE Title For Windows Phone – Implode!

Implode! will be the Xbox LIVE title for Windows Phone next week.

App Description from 148apps,

Implode! is all about making buildings crumble. Touch and drag controls combined with a magnifying glass allow you to precisely place your sticks of dynamite with the “chalk-drawn” structure of a building. (Dear IUGO: I love you for including a lefty option for the magnifying glass!) As the game progresses, you’ll eventually have two types of bombs—traditional and “blast” bombs—in your arsenal. Your goal is to cause the structure to explode (implode?) in such a way that the bits and pieces fall as far below the dotted line as possible. At the end of each level, you’re given both a letter grade and a monetary “payout.”

Implode! will be available for $2.99 from Windows Phone marketplace next week.

via: mobility digest