Next generation One Netbook X mini-laptop will feature Intel’s latest 10th gen processor


10, 2019

Chinese company One-netbook has just announced that the next version of their mini-laptop will be powered by one of Intel’s latest 10th gen Core processors.

One-Netbook produces the One Mix Yoga series of mini-PCs  which feature a flip-over screen for full tablet mode and in the last generation was powered by a Core i3 processor.

Moving to Intel’s 10th gen processor should mean improved graphics via Intel’s Iris Plus GPU, improved connectivity via Intel WIFI 6 and Thunderbolt support, and built-in AI acceleration.

The company is currently accepting applicattions for alpha testers for the new hardware. If a powerful, pocketable mini-laptop sounds like your thing, get in contact with the One-Netbook team on twitter or Facebook here.

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