New Xbox onesies are up for pre-order

by Ash
February 14, 2019

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Have you ever wanted to show off your love for Xbox or Fallout 76 but in a comfy and fashionable way? Fear not, because Xbox onesies are now here.

The onesies – or, as the site calls them, ‘Hooded Union Suits’ – come in two fresh styles. Each onesie is made of 100% polyester and comes with a hood.

The Xbox Hooded Union Suit has a mostly black design with a white trim. It also comes with a sewn Xbox applique splashed across the back and a smaller logo on the front breast.

The Xbox onesie also comes with three pockets. You can put whatever you want in there, but the Microsoft website recommends you have one pocket for an Xbox One controller, one for the TV remote, and one for your phone. They’re even labeled appropriately, with each pocket having a specially sewn logo on it.

The Fallout 76 onesie comes in Fallout’s traditional vault suit color scheme, with a mainly blue exterior and yellow trim. The back of the onesie has a giant yellow “76” logo sewn on. Once again, there’s three pockets available. There’s also a small yellow Xbox logo on the front.

As an added bonus, both onesies can go in the tumble drier, but on medium heat only.

The Xbox Hooded Union Suit is available for pre-order at $74.99. The Fallout 76 Hooded Union Suit is available for pre-order at $89.99.

Source: Major Nelson’s website.

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