New Windows 10 Insider Builds “unlikely” this week

by Surur
June 21, 2018

If you plan your week around the hour-long installation of Windows 10 Insider Builds you may either be happy or sad to hear it is unlikely there will be a new build this week.

The news was announced by Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Program Team, who noted this was due to a current blocking bug which prevented users from logging in after updating.

The announcement was in response to a demand from some Insiders that Microsoft pre-announce the date they expect to release Insider Builds, presumably again to make it easier to plan your life around them.

Brandon noted that Microsoft released builds when they are ready, and setting a set date could either mean missing that deadline or shipping builds to early.

Would our readers appreciate a more predictable Insider Build release schedule? Let us know below.

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