New test find Nokia Lumia 900 and Windows Phone best for the beach

by Surur
May 25, 2012

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We have already had professional tests prove the Nokia Lumia 900’s screen is the best for bright light, and now Pocket-lint’s more informal test has confirmed the finding.

Pocket-lint tested the Samsung Galaxy 2, Samsung Galaxy 3, iPhone 4S, HTC One X and Sony Xperia S in the very rare bright London sunshine, and found the Nokia Lumia 900 performed best from all the handsets tested, and the Samsung Galaxy 2 and 3 both fared pretty badly.

They concluded:

Surprisingly the best experience was to be had with the Nokia Lumia 900 on account of the simple to see interface.

So a win both for Nokia’s ClearBlack Display and for Windows Phone!

See the full article at Pocket-Lint here.

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