New Start menu on Windows 10 20H1 should look like this

While many of us don’t want a Live Tile-less Windows 10 experience, Microsoft has decided to move on from almost a decade old UI to pave the way for a new Start menu experience.

From what we have seen so far, the Live Tile-alternative in leaked Build 18947 isn’t promising and frankly, it’s not a worthy competitor. Windows 10 users voiced a similar opinion and rejected the alternative outright. Notably, Steven Sinofsky who was also the brain behind the Windows 8 UI didn’t like the new design that is expected to replace the Live Tiles.

While the new design is in a development phase and will receive many improvements before it ships to the public, based on the leaked build, Twitter user @Scoots37 has designed a new Start menu that seems very close to what Microsoft wants to achieve. In my opinion, the new Start menu on Windows 10 20H1 should look exactly like this, or better.

If Microsoft ends up making the new Start menu look this good., would you finally stop missing the Live Tile UI? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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