New rumour suggests Google Pixel Watch will offer ‘next-generation Google Assistant’

by Surur
December 22, 2021

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The Google Pixel Watch was meant to launch with the Google Pixel 6, but eventually ended up being delayed to 2022.

Now, 9to5Google has discovered what Google has been doing with the extra development time.

They had disassembled the Google App and discovered special features dedicated just to the Pixel Watch, tagged “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” in the app.

The labels indicate that the Pixel Watch will offer a next-generation Google Assistant experience, which generally means that speech will be processed on the device instead of in the cloud, for faster turn-around times and offline functionality.

To make this possible, the watch is believed to be powered by a 5nm Samsung Exynos processor, likely similar to the Galaxy Watch 4’s Exynos W920 processor. Hopefully, the watch will not inherit the same battery life problems.

According to sources, Google’s new wearable will be “round and has no physical bezel.” It’ll work with new proprietary watchbands and will require you to charge it on a daily basis. But what’s worse is that the charging speed is expected to be quite slow, though it doesn’t mention whether it’ll feature fast charging technology.

Moreover, the Pixel Watch, or whatever the company ends up calling it, will feature a heart-rate monitor and step counting. The wearable could also get benefit from the Fitbit integration on Wear OS, as per rumours.

Google is currently testing the smartwatch internally, and if everything goes as planned the company will reportedly release the wearable as early as Spring for around $300. We’re expecting to see more details about it in the coming months.

via 9to5google

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