Recently we covered a patent filing by Apple that showed a new curved display design for iMac along with the keyboard. The lower curved portion of the patented iMac sits on the desk. To keep the glass upright for normal use, Apple has a wedge section, inside which the hardware components will be present. The patented iMac can be used at different angles.

Now, the folks over at Letgodigital worked with Concept Creator to create some beautiful renders showing the iMac in action. Along with the renders, they also put out a 3D render animation showing the stylish design of the iMac.

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While the design does look beautiful, there’s no way of knowing how practical it would be in real life. Apple iMac hasn’t gone through a whole lot of innovation and change since it first came out in 1998. That said, this patent does look promising and with everyone jumping on the foldable device bandwagon, it won’t be surprising if Apple too decides to start working on foldable devices.

Unfortunately, Apple currently has just a patent in its name for a foldable device so it’s hard to say if the company is actually interested in foldable devices or is filling patents to prevent patent troll.