Apple is known for doing interesting hardware and doing it perfectly. However, in the last few years, the Cupertino-based tech giant hasn’t been able to bring anything interesting to the table which led to people thinking that Apple is no longer as innovative it was a decade ago. But that doesn’t mean Apple is not working on interesting new hardware.

Apple recently applied for a patent that envisions an iMac that’s formed from a single sheet of curved glass. The lower curved portion of the patented iMac sits on the desk. To keep the glass upright for normal use, Apple has a wedge section, inside which the hardware components will be present.  The patented iMac can be used at different angles.

Beyond that, there are other benefits of having a single curved glass iMac. As stated by AppleInsider:

While the lower section could be used simply as a place to put peripherals, such as a keyboard or mouse, Apple has further designs on its usage. An addition of a slot in the curved section could allow keyboards to be slid through it, possibly from the wedge element.

Another use for the slot could be for feeding the keyboard section of a MacBook through, so the keys could be used while the display of the MacBook outputs to the version in the glass, as if functioning as a docking system.

While the patent is futuristic, as is the case with most of the gadget patents, we don’t know whether it’ll get translated to a real product.

What do our readers think about the patented iMac?

Source: USPTO