Microsoft’s PrintNightmare refuses to end, with another version of the hack meaning any user can gain admin privileges on their PC, even from a limited account.

The hack was developed by  Benjamin Delpy and takes advantage of the fact that Windows is pretty happy to install drivers from remote print servers and run those drivers at System privilege level, and that even Limited users can install remote printers.

He has set up a remote printer server at \\printnightmare[.]gentilkiwi[.]com which downloads a hacked driver which opens a system prompt, meaning corporate users or hackers with access to a limited account can now easily elevate privileges and gain complete control of their PC.

BleepingComputer tested the hack on a fully patched PC running Windows 10 21H1, and except for the malicious driver being detected by Windows Defender, the exploit worked smoothly as intended.

Until Microsoft fixes the issue mitigation is rather difficult, ranging from disabling the Print Spooler and basically all printing to creating a custom list of remote printers which users are allowed to install.

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