New patent would make it easier to store your Surface Type Cover

by Surur
May 23, 2019

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Microsoft has published a new patent which, if brought to production, could make it easier to store your Surface Pro Type cover while using your PC in tablet mode.

Currently, when using your Surface in tablet mode you either need to remove the Type Cover or fold it back, and when folded back the cover tends to flap around uselessly.

Microsoft’s patent would add more magnets to the Type Cover and certain locations on the back of the tablet.

When users fold the cover back it will now adhere to the back by itself, creating an easy to manage unit.

The patent is not the most complex or sophisticated, which hopefully means the idea will come to actual devices soon.  On the other hand, some say that the patent solves a problem which no-one actually has, as most people do not use their Surface Pros in tablet mode.

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