New patent suggests Microsoft is working on an improved Surface Phone



Microsoft’s Andromeda-powered Surface Phone has reportedly been sent back to the drawing board earlier this year, but it seems Microsoft has already been working on an improved version of the device which brings it up to date and also addresses productivity concerns.

A newly published patent, filed 21st July 2017, shows an improved version of the familiar device, this time with a contiguous flexible screen rather than 2 discreet panels.

The patent describes how a “deployable bridge support ” can be added to allow the device to be rigid and not “mushy” when in the fully open state, saying:

The example can also include a flexible display positioned over the first portion, the hinge assembly, and the second portion. The example can further include a that is deployed to support the flexible display at the hinge assembly when the first and second portions are rotated from a closed orientation to an open orientation.

More interestingly the drawing, if to scale (which it likely is given that it is a technical drawing) indicates the screen would be about 10 inches when fully open, and when closed the device would be about the size of a 5.5-inch smartphone. This is based on the width of the standard 8.5 mm wide USB-C port.

A larger screen would allow more productive work to be done, which addresses a criticism of the older, smaller design.

The full patent with all the gory details can be seen here.

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