Call transcription on Teams for Android is now available; Microsoft says more features are coming

November 1, 2022

Microsoft Teams for app Android is getting a transcription feature for calls in a new update rolling out now. Specifically, it will cover 1:1 calls and group calls, making it easier for users to grasp information details even when using their handheld devices.

The feature was added to the Teams roadmap back on September 8. Now, Microsoft says that it is finally generally available to users of Teams for Android. It adds to the presently existing feature on Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android allowing users to start transcription for their meetings and view the meeting transcripts once the calls are over.

Microsoft is continuously adding more and more features to Teams, and the said feature is one of the recently added ones on the platform. Other new features that rolled out recently include collaborative annotations (ability to draw, type, and react directly to content being shared), Cameo in PowerPoint Live (integration of Teams camera feed into a presentation with options on how and where you want to appear on slides), and Microsoft Polls and Together mode improvements.

Aside from those features, more are expected to come and be generally available to users in November, including expanded reactions (over 800 Teams emojis) and a schedule send feature. By the end of the year, more will be rolled out, such as a colleague recommendation feature when making new conversations, @mention capability for easy addition of users to a group, delete chat option, ability to copy and paste components into Whiteboard, and sensitivity labels and DLP.

Microsoft also said it would roll out some new features in public and private previews in the coming months, including the Teams Premium features, revamped Teams channel layout, @everyone mention ability, video clip sending support in mobile, work hours and location visibility option, and more.

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