New Windows 11 Microsoft Store now rolling out to Windows 10 users

by Surur
November 11, 2021
Android apps Microsoft Store

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Six weeks ago Microsoft surprised us by releasing the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 to Windows 10 Insiders.

Today RudyHuyn, Principal Architect of the Microsoft Store, announced that the new Store has started rolling out to regular Windows 10 users.

The new store includes tons of new features, UI refreshments, new Store policy. And thanks to the new Store policy, apps like Reddit, TikTok, Amazon Store, VLC, have come to the new store, making it much more usable than the old one. Android apps will of course remain exclusive to Windows 11.

Going forward, other big names are also expected to bring their apps to the revamped Microsoft Store, including Disney Plus integration.

Have any of our readers on Windows 10 received the update yet? Let us know below.

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