New helpful gestures under consideration for Gestures Beta app

The Gestures Beta app allows Windows Phone users to do useful things such as flip to mute and pick up to answer.

Now the User Voice site for the app indicates some new features may be coming along.



The following suggestions have been marked as Under Review:

  • Music controls – shake your device to change song, or shuffle a playlist
  • Call answer vibration – makes the phone vibrate when your call get picked up so you don’t have to hold your phone up to your ear the whole time.
  • Alarm control – dismissing or postponing alarms when you turn the phone around.
  • Mic mute notification – makes a notification sound when the mic is muted during a call

I suspect some of these may be too troublesome to make them worthwhile, such as tracks constantly changing when jogging, and others quite useful, such as having the phone vibrate when the answering party picks up.

Not all the gestures are guaranteed to make the cut in the end. Which one is our readers favourite? Let us know below.