New Gmail redesign is aimed at killing Microsoft Teams (pictures)



Google is planning a major redesign of Gmail, with slides showing the new look leaking on the web. The design was going to be presented at Google’s upcoming Cloud Next 20 event, but today we have an early peek at their work.

For Gmail on mobile, Google is adding a row that lets you switch between four sections: Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet. The tabs are intended to promote Google’s collaboration products – Google Meet video conferencing, Chat for IM and Rooms for group chat.

Google will allow users to send nudges to team members of they do not respond to your messages.

On the desktop, the tabs will be on the sidebar. In addition, users will be able to edit documents right inside Gmail, adding Google Docs functionality to the new portal.

The new features appear mainly aimed at Google Suite users and it seems Google is planning to leverage the popularity of Gmail to take on Microsoft Teams.

Google should provide more detail at the Cloud Next online event which is running over the next few days.

Update: Google has officially announced the new Gmail redesign, which is demonstrated in video below.

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You can read all the details here.

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