Galaxy Watch & Watch 3 get Improved Wi-Fi & Messaging App and more with the latest update

by Rahul
April 23, 2021

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Samsung is rolling out a new firmware update for the first-generation Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3, bringing enhancement to the Wi-Fi & Messaging app performance. The update that carries the firmware version number R800XXU1FUD1 is rolling out to the first-gen Galaxy Watch, while the Galaxy Watch 3 is getting R840XXU1BUD1.

The firmware update adds no new features as you’d expect, but apart from the Wi-Fi and Messaging app improvements, the update also brings system stability and reliability improvements, thus enhancing the overall quality of the smartwatches.

The update is currently limited to the Galaxy Watch 3 users in the US, Canada, India & South Korea. However, R800XXU1FUD1 is available only in South Korean at his point in time, meaning the Galaxy Watch update is currently available for the users in South Korea.

If you’re using Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch 3, let’s know whether or not you got the firmware update.

via Tizenhelp

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