New friendly features are arriving across Xbox

April 7, 2021
Xbox Play with Friends

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In a new section introduced to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll much more easily be able to see what your friends are currently playing.

Long gone are the days of scouring through menus to find out what your friends are playing, or heaven forbid asking them. With a handy new ‘Play with Friends’ section added to Xbox Game Pass as announced in an Xbox Wire news post

This section concisely displays what your friends are playing within the list of games available on Xbox Game Pass. From this section, you’ll also be able to jump right into a game with them if you’ve got the game installed, or get right on that if not. 

Alongside this, over on the Xbox Mobile App, which’s currently in beta, monthly gamerscore leaderboards are being added so you can track your progress and see how you rank against your friends. The feature, highlighted by Xbox’s Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, gives all the more reason to play the bounty of games available on Xbox Game Pass.

The monthly leaderboards have already been available on consoles for some time, but it’s nice to see the beta of the mobile app shaping up with new features to match.

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