New evidence shows Microsoft might finally allow multiple instances of UWP Apps on RS4

If you remember, last year Microsoft allowed users to open multiple instances of native apps like OneNote and Calculator. Now it looks like Microsoft might allow 3rd party developers integrate the capability to run multiple instances of UWP apps as well.

The new feature has been spotted in the latest version of Windows insider Fast Ring build that allows developers to let users opt for multiple instances of a particular UWP. This would however first depend on the fact if the developer enables the support for multiple instances or not.

We, however, do have some details on how the developers can enable this feature in their apps. To enable it, the developer needs to first add the following namespace to the appxmanifest:


Once done, the developer then needs to add the following to the Application element in our appxmanifest:


This should allow developers to test and push out multiple instance feature with their UWP Apps. One thing that needs to be noted it that this feature will work on RS4 Insider Builds version 17069 and up. Also, developers need to have the latest version of SDK installed in order to make this work.

Source: Pieeatingninjas

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