New DFT Freedom ROM allows app install via the browser


13, 2011

Author Surur // in News

If you have a hankering for the freedom of Windows Mobile but still want the slickness of Windows Phone 7 the Dark Forces Team seems to have your back.

In their latest Freedom Mango ROM, which is developer unlocked by default, users can download and install apps directly from the browser.

Their changelog notes:

You need just enter the URL to XAP file and it will download and install it. 
Note, the start and the end of installation signaled by sound Beeps, no UI provided yet. 
It’s recomended to turn sound before installing it.

This obviously breaks the security model of Windows Phone 7, where all applications enter via a curated app store, but I suspect DFT Freedom users could care less about this.

If that describes yourself you can read more at XDA-Developers here. Just watch out for the auto-dialers and premium SMS senders.


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