New concept shows a beautiful file manager based on Fluent Design Language

by Anmol
June 21, 2019

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Back in 2017, Microsoft announced the new Fluent Design Language to redesign the Windows 10 UI. The new design language was a planned replacement for the MDL2 introduced by Microsoft with Windows 8. Over the past year, Microsoft added several fluent design elements to various apps and of course to Windows 10.

Now, a concept published by Cage Ata on Behance gives us a sneak peek at what the File Explorer might look like in the future. The concept covers everything we already use but has been redesigned and it looks beautiful. Not only that, but the concept also shows the support for the rumoured Surface Fold or Andromeda. Cage has also implemented the dark mode which is a nice touch seeing that every piece of software in 2019 has a dark mode.

The concept looks beautiful and should serve as a starting point for Microsoft to redesign File Explorer. Microsoft has been hesitant in implementing Fluent Design to all parts of Windows 10 which is understandable as this is an important UI upgrade for Windows. However, we do hope that Microsoft takes notes from the concept when redesigning File Explorer.

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