New Chrome OS update brings controls for music and podcasts to the lock screen


Google yesterday announced a new Chrome OS update which now allows you to control your music and podcasts from the lock screen. This new update also allows you to easily manage privacy settings across apps.

Music control:

When your Chromebook is locked, you can now control your audio from the lockscreen. The new lockscreen music controls allows you to quickly skip to the next song or pause content without unlocking the device. This feature will work with popular media apps including YouTube Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and several others.

App settings management:

Until now, you need to go to various settings pages to control different apps on Chromebook. With the latest update, you can manage the settings of Play Store apps, web applications, system apps and more in one place. To access this new page, click the “Manage your apps” button in the homepage of your Settings. When you click an app in the list, you can review the app’s permission to your location, microphone, camera, and more.

Source: Google