New Google Chrome flag lets you force Dark Mode on any website



Dark Mode is increasing de rigueur for any application or service, but not all websites have caught on to the need to offer this version of their user interface.

Now Google has added a new flag to the Canary version of their popular browser which would force a dark mode onto the site by adjusting the colours and shadings automatically.

The “Force Dark Mode for Web contents” can be found under chrome://flags and when enabled will “automatically render(s) all web contents using a dark theme on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.

The flag will also let you selective employ specific elements of the implementation including:

  • Simple HSL-based inversion
  • Simple CIELAB-based inversion
  • Selective image inversion
  • Selective inversion of non-image elements
  • Selective inversion of everything

The feature is currently available in Chrome Canary 78.0.3873.0.

While the feature is useful for those who are sensitive to light, we can’t help but feel Google is taking some liberties with how website owners want to present their pages. We can imagine readers flooding websites with support requests for example if elements become difficult to use due to the hack.

For an example of the feature in action, see our website below first in normal (light mode), Google’s forced dark mode and the native dark mode which can be activated in out site settings.

Via Techdows

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