New app People search is free tomorrow (Monday)

People search / Finn folk for Windows Phone (WP7 / #wp)

Gydar Industries, the developer behind the popular game Trine’s Hangman has published a new app in Marketplace today.

The application is called "Finn folk" in the Norwegian Marketplace, and "People search" in the rest of the world.

The app has English and Norwegian texts, support international smart-dialing characters, and is available in all countries in Marketplace.

People search on Windows Phone – SO EASY YOUR MUM CAN USE IT!

The application was created due to a 65 years old mum who complained about how much complex it was to call with her Nokia Lumia 800.

There are several smart-dialing apps for WP, but they were all a bit to complex for Ronny’s mum, or did not find everything she searched for since they did not search all fields.

Or they just did not provide enough options when the person was selected.


Several employees from Microsoft was among the 100 BETA-testers of the app, a handful from Microsoft Norway, and even the lead for the Windows Phone team in the US was in the BETA.

It seems like Microsoft really want to implement some of these features into WP itself. Until then, you have People search 🙂


The app costs 0.99, and have trial-option. The trial is identical to the paid version, except that it after 24 hours will show a "please buy the app"-message on startup.

As a one-day-special, the app is free tomorrow (Monday 14. May), so grab it for free while you can 🙂