New app lets you stream your HoloLens POV to an iPhone or iPad


13, 2016

HoloStream is a new first of its kind app by London-based start-up Kazendi, which lets iOS users access the video stream generated by the HoloLens mixed reality headset, and thereby share the point of view of the user currently wearing the device.

The $39.99 iPhone or iPad app lets users seamlessly choose between high, medium and low quality to best suit their bandwidth. The app will auto-detect headsets on the WIFI network and lets users easily switch between them. It also features a built-in video recording feature (which saves to your phone), and makes it easy to capture borderless full-screen screen shots.

See the full list of features of the iOS app below:

  • Don’t sweat demonstrating your HoloLens: Reliable video streams from the HoloLens headset to your iPhone or iPad
  • HoloLens autodetection on your wifi network: Simply enter the username and password to access the stream
  • Choose between Low, Medium and High quality streaming
  • View your stream in Portrait, Landscape and Borderless Fullscreen
  • Auto-restarting for stalled streams
  • Record videos of your live stream to your phone
  • Take Screenshots
  • Auto-detection is limited on personal hotspots to make it easier on your data plan!
  • Manual addition of HoloLenses by typing in their IP address

The app can be found in the Apple App Store here.

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