Netmarketshare: Windows 10 sees a huge jump while Chrome sees a slight drop in the market share

Netmarketshare has released the market share for January 2020. The data shows a huge jump in Windows 10’s market share but Chrome saw a slight fall in the market share.

With Windows 7’s end of support, more and more users are switching to Windows 10. The OS now holds 57.08% of the market and is followed by Windows 7 which is at 25.66% of the market. Windows 8.1 comes in third with 3.38% of the market and is followed by macOS X 10.14 which is at 3.12%.

On the browser side of things, Google Chrome registered a slight drop in the market share. The web browser now holds 66.93% of the market share and is followed by Mozilla Firefox which sits at 8.12% of the market. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge held third and fourth spots with 7.02% and 6.60% of the market share.

When it comes to browser, there were changes registered but they were not significant. On the OS side, Windows 10 saw a huge jump as Windows 7 reached the end of support on 14th January 2020.

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