Netmarketshare: Windows 10 registers significant growth, Microsoft Edge share falls down

Netmarketshare has released their numbers for July 2019 and the figures aren’t impressive at all for Microsoft Edge browser. While Windows 10 registered impressive growth, Microsoft Edge performed poorly as it’s registered a negative growth rate.

On the Operating System side, Windows 10 has gained 3.07 percent of the market share and currently sits at 48.86%. Windows 7, on the other hand, went down from 35.38% to 31.83%. Windows 8.1 claims the third position, with a market share of 5.29%, up from 4.51. And if you compare these figures with those of the last few months, you’ll observe a positive trend in Windows 10 usage share. More importantly, the growth rate of Windows 7 is in the downward direction.

The struggle with Internet browser continues as things are not that great for Microsoft Edge. It failed to register any significant growth, in fact, the usage share fell down to 5.80 percent, from 6.03 percent last month. Google Chome sits at the top with a 68.60 percent share, which is followed by Mozilla Firefox, with 8.34% of the market share. Microsoft’s infamous Internet Explorer 11 browser finished at third position with 6.86 percent of the share.

Now that Microsoft is adopting Chromium., do you think Microsoft will be able to revive the image of Microsoft Edge? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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