Netmarketshare: Windows 10 hits 35% of devices, Windows 7 rises to 43%

July 2, 2018

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Netmarketshare’s numbers for the month of June 2018 are out today, and Windows 10 continues rising, hitting 35% of devices captured by the firm.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has had a successful month, with the firm detailing its Spring Creators Update hitting over 250 million users just two months after its initial release.

Paradoxically, Microsoft’s Windows 7 too continued rising like some sort of zombie which refuses to die, going up to 43% of devices in use.

Last month, Microsoft killed off Windows 10 support service for older devices, as well as removed online support for Windows 10 devices.

The venerable operating system remains in demand by some enterprise departments and will likely remain high in the stats up till Microsoft finally formally kills off support in 2020.

Source: NetMarketshare

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