NetMarketShare: Windows 10 failed to close the gap in 2017

Around the middle of last year, we predicted, based on the then trend, that Windows 10 will overtake Windows 7 worldwide by the end of 2017.

Now the latest Netmarketshare numbers are in, and at least by their numbers, it appears that date may be pretty far off still.

It appears in the last quarter of 2017 the decline in Windows 7 numbers stabilized, while Windows 10 lost some momentum.

Netmarketshare found worldwide Windows 7 held 43.08% market share, down only 0.04% from November 2017, while Windows 10 held 32.93% share (up 0.98%), Windows XP 5.18% (down 0.55%) and Windows 8.1 5.71% (down 0.22%.)

Last month Microsoft revealed there were 600 million active Windows 10 users, and we expect it would take around 800 million Windows 10 users to overtake Windows 7, something which may be achievable by the end of next year as enterprise users switch over in increasing numbers to Windows 10.

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