NetMarketShare: No good news for Microsoft in latest OS and Browser numbers

It’s a new month and once again another opportunity to look at the progress of Microsoft’s current desktop OS in relation to older versions ranging from 8 to 16 years old.

As has usually been the case since Microsoft stopped making the OS available for free to Windows 7 users, progress has been disappointing, with Windows 10’s market share only growing 0.17% from 29.09 to 29.26%.

Windows 7, still the largest OS, dropped in share from 47.21 to 46.63%, while Windows XP actually grew  0.78% to 6.47 percent of the market.

Unlike Windows 10, which is actually growing, if slowly, Microsoft’s own browser has actually reduced in use for 2 months now, despite the improvements with the FCU.

Edge is now only 4.58%, down from 5.15% in September.  Despite Microsoft claiming 330 million users, it seems even enthusiasts have become unwilling to give the browser a try.

Given the trends, Microsoft clearly needs to do more with both the OS and the browser if they wish to make real progress, with positive action including once again making free OS upgrades available and adding the Edge app to the store to allow more frequent updates. Do our readers agree?

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