Nested Virtualization support finally comes to AMD processors



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Nested Virtualization

Nested Virtualization is a popular technology in Windows 10 that was first introduced in 2015. Nested Virtualization technology is used in several ways, some of them include Hyper-V and Android emulation. However, this technology was supported only on Intel processors. Microsoft today announced the much-awaited support for Nested Virtualization in AMD processors. With Windows 10 Insider Build 19636, you can try out Nested Virtualization preview on AMD processors. Since this is a preview release, there are some limitations. Find the details below.

  • Right now, this has been tested on AMD’s first generation Ryzen/Epyc or newer processors
  • Use a Windows guest with an OS version that is greater than or equal to the host OS version (19636) for now.  Linux KVM guest support will be coming in the future
  • Create a version 9.3 VM. Here’s an example PowerShell command to ensure a version 9.3 VM is being used:  New-Vm -VMName “L1 Guest” -Version 9.3
  • Follow the rest of the steps in Microsoft’s public documentation.

Source: Microsoft

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