Need for Speed HEAT gameplay trailer released; customise cars today with mobile app

August 19, 2019
Need for Speed Heat

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Need for Speed HEAT may have recently received an intriguing reveal trailer, but the all new Need for Speed HEAT gameplay trailer is where it’s really at.

Released during the Opening Night Live conference at Gamescom, this new trailer shows us everything NFS fans have wanted for years. Night time racing, street race culture, cop chases, car damage, rep systems and car customisation.

In fact, car customisation is such a big focus that EA is releasing a mobile app just to accommodate for its wealth of content. Within the app, players can combine numerous parts and materials to create their own “custom whips”. The app, dubbed Heat Studio, will also allow players to unlock unique parts to use within the game. Need for Speed HEAT Studio is available to download now.

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What do you think of the new Need for Speed HEAT gameplay trailer? Are you excited for the game’s complete lack of loot boxes? Did you also hope they’d bring back canyon races despite knowing it’ll never happen? Yeah, me too.

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