Nearly 20 minutes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (video)


9, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched today, and at around $1000 for the cheapest model, most would want to be very sure that the improvements are worthwhile before splashing out or upgrading.

The reviews are not in yet, but hands-on videos have started to trickle out, including one by AllAboutSamsung which is nearly 20 minutes long, and which looks at every aspect of the handset.

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With key upgrades such as longer battery life, more storage and a cool gimmick in the Bluetooth S-Pen, the handset does appear to bring some new stakes to the table.

With no hope for a cool new mobile Windows device this year, and with Android in general and Samsung, in particular, offering a good platform for Microsoft’s mobile software, are any of our readers convinced to pick one up? Let us know below.

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