Native PS4 PSOne emulator discovered within MediEvil remake

July 20, 2020
PS4 PSOne emulator

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PlayStation 4 hackers have discovered a native PS4 PSOne emulator hidden within the files of last year’s MediEvil remake. 

The PS4 PSOne emulator comes from the unlockable version of the original MediEvil game that’s unlockable within the 2019 remake. (For details how to unlock that, there’s a video below for you.)

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Following the release of a new PlayStation 4 firmware exploit, PlayStation hackers were able to dump the MediEvil remake and sift through all of the game’s individual files which led to the discovery of the native PS4 PSOne emulator.

Hackers have since used the emulator to play numerous original PlayStation titles on the PlayStation 4 including Silent Hill, Wipeout 3 and Spyro the Dragon. Not all games play flawlessly; hackers state that the emulator has numerous compatibility issues.

For example, Silent Hill sees numerous graphical glitches and inconsistencies in normal gameplay that completely ruins the look of the classic horror game.

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