Nationalux is bringing their spatial music service to the HoloLens



Korean spatial sound specialists Nationalux Research Center has announced plans to bring their service to the Microsoft HoloLens.

Their augmented reality app will recognise music from album covers, posters, QR code and other images and automatically download and stream relevant tracks from their library of 5 million songs.

Using their proprietary technology they will also automatically upmix the files to 5.1-7.1 channel and distinguish the direction, volume and time-lag, creating a 3D audio experience which can very easily by controlled with a simple touch or a hand motion.

Besides upmixing the music, artists can also deliver lossless multi-channel audio files directly to the player creating a market for next-generation audio.

The app and service will be coming to the HoloLens, but also iOS and Android in August this year, but with premium benefits only available on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform.

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