Nadella admits to Microsoft “missed the mobile boom” but feels HoloLens is the “ultimate computer”


25, 2016


Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke of mixed reality and the HoloLens as the next big thing.

“We clearly missed the mobile boom” he said. “Now we have to make sure we grow new categories.”

He said “The ultimate computer for me is the mixed reality world. Your field of view becomes an infinite display. You see the world and in the world you see virtual objects and holograms.”

Nadella said the current HoloLens was just the start, comparing it to where Surface was a few years ago.

“Think of what we did. Back then, people asked ‘What is a 2-in-1?’ Now, it’s a growing category.”

“Whether it be HoloLens, mixed reality, or Surface, our goal is to invent new computers and new computing,” he said, noting he wanted Microsoft to have a “learn-it-all” culture rather than a “know-it-all” culture.

“To me the Microsoft brand has always stood for being the company that has got a bit of a utilitarian bent to it,” Nadella said. “We are the company that stands for builders, makers and creators. That’s the brand we want.”

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