MyTube Windows 10 YouTube updated with fixes and improvements



Popular 3rd party YouTube app MyTube has been updated to version  3.3.10, with the main improvement being for a fix for a crashing issue for users on the anniversary update.

The app lets you:

  • Continue watching your current video while you browse the app
  • Listen to music videos in the background while you use other apps
  • Support for up to 2160p playback and 60 FPS videos
  • Download videos and audio to watch or listen to later
  • Create and manage playlists on your channel
  • View and play playlists even when offline
  • Post and reply to comments
  • Receive notifications when your favorite channels upload new videos
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Cast videos to the big screen with DLNA

The update brings:

  • Fixed major crash on devices running the anniversary update
  • Added option to delete your own comments to the context menu
  • Added rotation and scale animations to ‘up next’ dots
  • Fixed start up crash due to inadequate data existing in the saved account info
  • Video player is now clipped under the header in order to avoid visual glitches with transparent headers
  • (PC & Mobile) ‘True Black/White’ color scheme now uses a transparent header bar and other minor color changes
  •  (PC & Mobile) Added option to refresh comments to the context menu
  • (PC) Now using the built-in AcrylicBrush for the app’s background
  • (PC) Theatre mode setting now persists cross sessions
  • (PC) The button to show details/comments in theatre mode is now visible when a video isn’t playing
  • (PC) Changed theatre mode icons
  • (PC) Fixed issue where the cursor disappeared while picking captions in fullscreen
  • (Mobile & Tablet Mode) Fixed potential crash from the account menu, due to a reference in a visual state setter having the wrong name

The updated app, which offers a free trial and otherwise only costs $0.99, can be found in the Store here.

Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: Free
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