mVu Updated To V

image If you are not lucky enough to own an HTC device with a great Youtube application on it, then this is for you. mVu is a not so new, but still good way to search, stream, and download your favorite YouTube clips. The application is a freeware for Windows Mobile devices, and it comes in a small cap and brings everything to you with just one install and a data connection.


P.S It has some sites support that Apple thought only Android had… *cough* Porn *cough* - July 7, 2010
        - Fixed issue with thumbnails getting mixed up if you started a search
          before thumbnails completed downloading from last search
        - Added the rest of the Pornhub categories
        - Added additional error handling to try to track down YouTube 
          exceptions experienced by some people
        - Note that the cab file size is much smaller for this version as the 
          cab file is now compressed - June 29, 2010
        - Added download manager functionality
           - Can now have multiple concurrent downloads
           - Ability to pause/resume and cancel downloads
        - Fixed issue with Tube8 keyword search within categories - June 21, 2010
        - Added ability to create playlists of videos, 
          and launch player with playlist.  
             - Requires a player associated with .m3u files
             - Available through context menu on Results page.
             - Click and hold on thumbnail to see context menu.
        - Added some additional error checking to track down YouTube 
          exceptions for some users.
        - Added YouJizz - June 19, 2010
        - Added Save As... dialog box back for downloads.
        - Fixed Pornhub categories so they now return the correct results.
        - Added more Pornhub categories (still not complete).
        - Changed to delay-load thumbnails during search for quicker results. - June 19, 2010
        - Fixed YouTube links to allow them to work in TCPMP. - June 18, 2010
        - Added Pornhub. - June 18, 2010
        - Added ability to play video while it's being downloaded.
        - Added ability to cancel downloads.
        - Added Xvideos (VP6 format only) - June 14, 2010
        - Corrected YouTube formats for downloading.
        - You can now select between all available formats for a video. - June 12, 2010
        - Added paging for YouTube and Tube8 results
        - Added categories for YouTube
        - Added ability to sort results - June 8, 2010
        - New Tabbed UI
        - Added YouTube support
        - Added RedTube support
        - Added categories for Tube8
        - Added built-in download capability
        - Keyword search within categories - May 28, 2010
        - Fix code to find video player associated with FLV or 3GP
        - You must have a player associated with .flv and/or .3gp files
        - Fix Save to use Internet Explorer 
        - QVGA fix - May 27, 2010 
        - Initial Release

If you want to get the Youtube, Tube8, and other video site experience on your device, head over to the thread.